The consultation includes a strategic assessment of your space, location and business requirements.


Demonstrate to landlord that you will make a desirable tenant and it’s in their best interest to win your business.


A qualification matrix is created to evaluate and rank (both on and off market) buildings against your criteria.


Market knowledge is leveraged to negotiate favorable terms and conditions (TI allowance, options, etc.) for the lease.


Facts, market conditions and intangibles gleaned from our contacts, research and transactional experience.


Navigation through contract terms, clauses and the due-diligence period prior to contract finalization.

Tenant Representation

We offer objective, market-specific counsel to tenants whether they are seeking property to lease, ready to negotiate a renewal of their current space, or need help determining if leasing or purchasing is the better option. We have an experienced, dedicated team of market experts serving the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas specializing in office, retail and industrial properties available to help you.

Our market knowledge is a combination of data mining and field work with our outreach team on the ground talking with building owners, touring properties, visiting brokers from other firms, networking with business leaders and participating in the community as board members, committee members, coaches and volunteers. We leverage this research, legwork and our experience each time we negotiate a deal for our clients.

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How can our Brokerage team help you?

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